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Battery iphone replacement

Kali Linux Network Configuration for Ethernet Connection

This article about “Kali Linux network configuration and settings” it will cover all about network configuration of LAN and Wireless LAN adapter, assign IP manually and by dHCP server as well. Kali Linux Network Configuration for Ethernet Connection Network interfaces  (LAN adapter, wireless adapter, usb adapter,  fast  Ethernet ) are responsible to connect and make communication between two or more computers in a network. If network card is not configured properly, then you are out of network and configuration is important for network security. Network should have proper IP Address, subnet mask, Default gateway, domain name server etc. So configure network and get into the network. but most important question: How do you check Kali Linux network configuration? There are different methods for windows and Linux operating systems. Here we are discussing about kali linux, I will explain tasks used in Linux. Following command is used to  check the status  of the  networking ca

How to connect to Wired internet connection through terminal?

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